What is Racism?

A lot of people throw this word around so often but have very little idea what it is and what it means. For example, recently I was reading a reddit thread and some black dude started going on about the typical negro rhetoric about racism is bad and we need to eliminate it.

I replied with

You will live and die in a racist world no use crying. Learn to live with it and use it to your advantage.

His response

RACISM is a systematic socioeconomic condition of oppression from one race onto another. You tell me how a black man can use racism on a white man?



Racism is not directly related to oppression. It has historically been used to oppress but that does not mean oppression and racism married.

What is my definition of racism?

Racism – The discrimination of a human group by another based on a categorization.

Firstly they are categorized into a group (race, ethnicity, tribe, etc…) and then they are discriminated against. The discrimination aspect is what throws a lot of people off. The reason being is we have been thought that discrimination is a bad word, but in actually it’s not, if you look at its definition you will see that all it means is to discern and selectively choose.

For example, a white man may be favored for a position or be treated above other ethnic groups simply because of his implied status. Is the white man being oppressed?

No he’s not being oppresed.

Is racism not occurring?

Racism is occurring because, he is discriminately chosen for the position, based on the fact that he from a category of people we call white people.

Once again, racism is discrimination and categorization. The white man was categorized as a person of superior status and discriminately chosen for the position over others. Just like the black man was categorized as a person of inferior status and discriminately denied the position. In both cases racism was in play.

This means then that racism can not only hurt one group or individual (Africans are very familiar with this kind of racism) but it can also benefit one group or individual.

To put a nail in the coffin. The negro I was arguing with thought that he was proving a point by linking me to the wikipedia definition of racism. This is where I got him.

Lets look at the wikipedia definition of racism.

Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity.

At first glance, it may seem very different from my definition but it really is the same thing.

It says, discrimination, which is a word I’ve used and it also says prejudice which is a form of discrimination. Prejudice simple means to prejudge another person based on a societal categorization. It is just another word for discrimination.

But the quote also goes on to say that it is aimed towards people based on their race or ethnicity.

Did it associate racism with something always negative? Why is it that the negro thinks that racism is always a negative sum thing? The reality is that racism is a zero sum game. One group obvious takes the negative side of it but it is balanced out with another group (europeans generally) benefiting from it.

  2. What is race or ethnicity? Categorization of human beings. So to rephrase the wiki quote

Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their categorization

Exactly the same thing I said. Nothing more nothing less.

So now that we have a clear definition of racism, what do I mean when  I say to that negro that we should use it to our advantage.

Well, since we all categorize human beings naturally (that’s an whole other article) it is then imperative that we discriminate the right way.

One of the major problems we have as Africans is that we have the same discriminatory practices as other ethnic groups and a lot of it is subconscious because it has been molded by those who control the narrative (the media, social media, etc…)

What does that mean? The way in which we discriminate is cultural. Discrimination is NATURAL we all discriminate but the way in which we do so is shaped by our cultural upbringing.

A temporary fix to this is to let the conscious self override the sub-conscious thoughts. That way we can catch ourselves when we may subconsciously act against our interest. And this can be done to a degree but it is not sufficient.

The most powerful and permanent fixture to this problem is to control the narrative and definitions that our future generation will live under. If we can control how they think we can then control to a large degree how they act. This means we’re going to need to build institutions like schools and day cares to mold the minds of these kids because if we don’t control their mind we should not be surprised when consistently they act against our interest as a people.


Author: Amos Disciple

I'm a thinker first. I will change the world and YOU will know my name.

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